My name is Pär Nyman and I am a postdoctoral researcher in political science. Welcome to my homepage. The site is in an early development stage, but I hope you will still find it useful.

I do most of my research within the fields of political economy and political behaviour. You can read more about my research here. I also work as deputy director of study and teach an undergraduate methods course. However, this site is not about me as much as it is intended to be a resource for myself, my colleagues and our students.

The database

The main reason for creating this site was that I needed a place that could host my database. Trying to combine data from different sources is often a very time-consuming task, especially for students. I have therefore merged some of the largest databases, resulting in a collection of approximately 14 000 variables that can be imported to your statistical software using a few lines of code. Read more about it on the database page.