This is a collection of small things that have made my life a little bit easier. Hopefully they can facilitate yours too. Unfortunately, some of them are only useful for colleagues at my own department or university.

Time reports

This Excel sheet helps you keep track of teaching and other activities. The activities are summarized both over kind of activity (lectures, seminars, etc.) and over different courses. I included my own teaching activities as an example.

Download the Excel sheet.

Journal rankings

A list of political science journals, sorted after forecasted impact factor.

Go to Journal rankings.

Course evaluations

To speed up the process of summarising and presenting course evaluations, I wrote a do-file that converts the raw data from 'Studentportalen' to a TeX file with summary tables followed by comments. It is probably best suited for people prepared to modify a few lines of code. Because older Stata versions cannot handle text strings longer than 244 characters, I can only recommend it for Stata 13.

Download the do-file.
Download a package including tex file.

Upload files to FTP from Stata

This is a short guide on how to write a program which allows you to upload files directly from Stata to an FTP-server.

Go to FTP guide.

Thunderbird settings

Are you having login problems with your Uppsala University e-mail in Firefox? Check this out.

Go to Thunderbird guide.

Making networked Stata faster

If you are running Stata over a network, and everything is slower than on your laptop, chances are that this problem is caused by multiple readings from an ado directory on the server.

Click here to fix it.